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Midasbuу.com where Top-Up UC PUBG Mobile?

Probably each of you was looking for where you can replenish UC cheaper, or is it possible to hack and get free UC for playing PUBG Mobile. Unfortunately, they can be obtained free of charge only in video bloggers’ drawings, of course, this is a rarity and the chance is only 0.0001%. But you can buy cheaper:

Let’s move on to comparing PUBG Mobile deposit methods

  • 1. Direct Top-UP directly from the game PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile game

The fastest, but most expensive, way to deposit is direct deposit from the game. It also depends on your bank and there will be an additional commission. (0.5-1%).

  • 2. – official partner site (instant Top-Up)

PUBG Mobile UC

Our website is partner and (official Tencent Games PUBG Mobile)

Our prices are dynamic, it depends on the dollar rate as well as bitcoin, prices often change to buy cheaper, you need to constantly monitor, at the time of low prices you can make a purchase, we wish you good luck!


Here prices are much cheaper than directly from the game, to replenish you need to log in, select a package and top up your account.


Turkish website for Top-Up UC PUBG Mobile, 660 UC costs about 676 rubles in rubles, compared to you can buy cheaper on Turkish and Indian sites. Even some Turkish sites offer more cheap UC but it takes about 24-48 hours to recharge. We recommend these Turkish sites:

UC - PUBG Mobile
UC - PUBG Mobile